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Veeam Backup & Replication Networking Tool

Example: backup a MS-SQL guest on vSphere

As an example, let’s assume you want to back up a MS-SQL server guest hosted on vSphere through vSphere snapshots, using the network to interact with the guest and shipping the logs to allow point in time recovery.

Example draft

Note: On this example, only backup operation is processed. To determine ports necessary for restore, you will have to run the tool a second time, choosing “Restore” at the operations tab.

On the "Operations" tab

Operations selection

On the "Infrastructure" tab

On this example:

Select the following components until your list is complete and click "Submit".

Infrastructure selection

Creating servers and mapping roles

At this step, create the servers as designed, and populate the role mapping lists accordingly.

Roles mapping

Note: in this example we decided not to deploy Enterprise Manager Components by clicking on “Ignore” beside the roles.

Ignore roles

Once done click on the “Submit” button to see the results.

Submit roles

And finally download the xls file.